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Testing & Laboratory

AVR Fasteners Limited has high-tech testing facilities. The laboratory is well-resourced with advanced instruments for the checking of all physical and chemical properties of the raw material and manufactured fastener. We perform activities in accordance to required applicable standards in an error free manner.

Physical Properties

Hardness testing equipments such as Rockwell hardness testers to check hardness of the manufactured fasteners, as per its grade specifications along with required use of metallurgical microscopes.

Torque and Head Soundness is tested with Calibrated Torque Wrenches and Special Fixtures.

Tensile testing machines to ensure strict quality check on physical properties of the raw material such as its UTS , elongation etc.

Chemical Properties

Laboratory is well equipped with Carbon Manganese apparatus and chemical balance for the checking of chemical properties such as percentage content of Carbon, Manganese etc. in the raw material and in manufactured fasteners. Care is taken to have the right factors for the above testing by the use of Barometer and Thermometers.

Plating thickness testers to ensure plating thickness of the manufactured fasteners as per desired micron level

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